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1×12: Tina Desai the Science Guy

A hush-toned therapeutic discussion (recorded at Julian’s grandmother’s house) of the final episode of Sense8 Season 1: I Can’t Leave Her. We dive into this rip-roaring laugh fest of an episode, recapping how little psychological drama and traumatic flashbacks it contained. Tune in for some talk of non-Cosby sweaters and minding the gap at the subway, as well as nostalgia about our favorite 80s funk bands Rocuronium and Sugammadex. Some fact-checks done retrospectively by Julian on things we talked about in this ep: it turns out that frozen glass probably isn’t much easier to break than normal glass, and the Icelandic word “sjúkrabíll” (ambulance) literally means “sick car.” Enjoy!

1×11: Change Your Wheel and the Future Turns

We triumphantly return after a bit of an unannounced mini-hiatus to bring you the shortest episode yet, a recap of Sense8 episode 11: Something About Wheels? We excitedly look forward to the Christmas special and discuss the similarities between Capheus and Shaft in this fun-packed bite-sized ep! And, for good measure, you get some more excessive profanity!

1×10: TEDxSteiner

If you’ve ever wondered how the Sense8 gang lines up with the Scooby-Doo gang, look no further than this episode of Crappy Medium in which we recap Episode 10: What is Human? We also analyze Steiner’s stunning knowledge of TED talks and rename all memorials to “sad places.” Oh, and there’s some talk about how much tequila you can reasonably drink and then operate a vehicle (ideally zero but Lito must have never seen those drunk driving videos from health class). Have fun with it!

1×09: El Caido-Jack Horseman

Back in the ’90s, I was in an obscure Sense8 reeeeeeecap podcast! That’s right, it’s time for Crappy Medium to recap the most Bojack Horseman-like episode of Sense 8 yet: Death Doesn’t Let You Say Goodbye. Along with a whole lot of mopey Lito missing his lost love Princess Caroline *ahem* I mean Hernando, we ask some important questions including whether elves need tampons and why Bratz Dolls don’t have feet. We also do a bit of research to find out whether Jamie Clayton has a tattoo and only end up finding out what zodiac sign Nathan Lane is. Enjoy!

1×08: Kenyan up with the Kabakas

It’s time to start crying at the Wawa while you listen to our intrepid hosts recap Sense8 episode 8: And We Will All Be Judged Something Something Long Title Why Wachowskis Why. We get some new names for the sensates (among them Glistening William and Catfish Van Damme) and finally learn what El Caido means. Plus, Julie pours one out for her homies!

1×07: Orange is the New Bak

Riding leathers, prison panties, and a whole lot of unnaturally scripted villain monologues litter this recap of Sense8 Episode 7: WWNDD. You’ll learn what word can best replace “trunk” in your daily life and just who is allowed to claim ownership of other people’s genitalia (spoiler alert: no one). All that with a side of unnecessary profanity!

1×06: Sweaty Will VI: The Sweatening

In a fresh and sexy recap of Sense8 episode 6: Demons, Julie & Julian go deep into the extended Netflix universe, creating fan theories galore about what other shows might be concurrent with Sense8 and which of the Cluster most closely resembles Jerry Gergich (hint: sweats a lot). They also discuss whose genitalia might be secretly psychic and try their darndest to ruin avocados for everyone.

1×05: Are You There God? It’s Me, Lito

In the most digression-heavy episode to date, Julie & Julian discuss Sense8 episode 5: Art is Like Religion. We get some good honest talk about Nantucket elephant weddings, Hamilton remixes, and how to pronounce “yarn skein” (we still aren’t fully sure.) We also give a fair amount of incidental women’s health advice, so stay tuned for that if you’ve always had questions but you’re too afraid to ask!

1×04: You Can’t Scissor-Kick Lung Cancer

What does a human vape look like? Is Moby feelin’ the Bern? Why didn’t the film Tusk feature Zooey Deschanel? These and other pressing questions are answered as we cover Sense8 episode 4: What’s Going On. We also learn about important  things such as Julian’s classic style of broom humor and the meaning of the word “puths” (we dare you to guess).

1×03: Kickin’ Ass and Eatin’ Zebras

It’s episode 3 of Crappy Medium in which we cover (surprise surprise) episode 3 of Sense8: Smart Money is on the Skinny Bitch. Our intrepid hosts analyze such diverse topics as the all-zebra paleo diet and Korean owl spirits that might just be Ken Jeong, all while braving the depths of Will Poreski’s veritable ocean of constant sweat. Plus we get to hear impressions including Julian’s awful Trump and passable Bernie along with Julie’s shockingly accurate Morgan Freeman.